About Avisolve

Avisolve, an Arizona-based company, is a leading provider within the Information Technology space.  Avisolve is Value-Added Reseller (VAR) with a strong local presence and a national reach.  We help our clients identify their IT pain points and build a road map towards resolving them, thereby providing our clients with solutions that range from replacing a fleet of laptops to building a new data center.  We care about our clients, vendors, their employees, their customers, and the entire community.  We don’t believe in confining our account managers to specific territories, preventing them from working with people they have worked so hard to build relationships with.  Why would we limit you from working with someone you trust and already work well with?  We wouldn’t; relationships are what matter to us!


The majority of the Avisolve Team is based out of Phoenix, with additional members spread out across the country.  We encourage our account managers to schedule onsite visits, at least once annually, with their clients, or as often as they would like to.


Why the name Avisolve?

The name Avisolve has a simple story.  It is a coined word, created by combining the words “Advisors” and “Solve”: “Trusted Advisors, helping fulfill your technology needs and Solve your technology challenges.”


The Team

The Avisolve team consists of a mix of people with a variety of different business backgrounds, most with an average of 10 years within the technology industry: Engineering, Sales, Marketing, and Management backgrounds – just to name a few. Everyone has a common motto: “Do whatever it takes to enhance the customer experience.”  Everyone is loaded with experience, cares about what they do, and loves the industry of IT.  This combination of diversified industry experienced leaves Avisolve’s tribal knowledge unmatched.


The Technology

Avisolve runs its business like you’d expect to see Amazon, Google, and Apple run theirs.  We analyze all our processes from start to finish.  Our founders come equipped with a strong Web 2.0 background; they love to design systems that run efficiently on today’s technology.  We actually use the tools that we sell!  We love empowering our employees to use the “latest and greatest tools,” because we know that if we put the best technology in their hands, they will understand it better, allowing them to enhance their ability to, in turn, present their clients with the best possible options for their needs.  For example, our employees have access to all of our our cloud-based tools and could tell you when your order will be shipped, even while they’re on vacation in the Bahamas. They have access to live costs and inventory levels form the nearest distribution center located in your area or closest to you.  Our management team wants all employees to be able to handle urgent matters on a dime.