Tony MeisnerTony Meisner


Tony leads all aspects of the sales team including building partnerships, hiring, and developing long-term strategic plans. He also leads Avisolve’s training program and works hard to make sure Avisolve is always growing a cohesive team. Tony manages sales pipelines, forecasts and makes sure that Avisolve is meeting it’s revenue goals for its partners. As well as being an owner and a well-rounded manager, Tony collaborates with all departments to ensure customer loyalty through the best service.

Prior to joining Avisolve, he was the Regional Manager of Pacific Office Automation responsible for building the Arizona operation from the ground up. There he was responsible for hiring and building all departments. He built the fastest growing division of POA over the first few years and continued that growth for almost 12 years. The Arizona division became the 3rd largest division in a relatively short time considering the overall company is 40 years old. He holds a BS degree in Business Management from Western Washington University.



Scott GossettScott Gossett

Founder & Owner

Scott helped start Avisolve because of his passion for technology and working with others who have the same desire to solve problems. He believes in having a team of well-qualified individuals who are the best in the business at building client relationships and keeping them. With Avisolve, he offers the best compensation in the industry so that his company attracts the best people in the industry. Not only has he created an incredible team of solution driven professionals, Scott looks to solve IT problems himself. By using a nationwide network of over 1000 suppliers and service vendors, Avisolve can ensure you will get the right product, in the proper time frame, for the best price. Scott makes sure that Avisolve will always do what’s best for your business by having an open, honest and reliable professional relationship. His question to his clients is – “How can Avisolve become your trusted technology solutions partner, and how can we keep that relationship long term?”

Scott’s prestigious background in the field of IT includes 8 years as a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel, one of the most prestigious Aftermarket Sales Managers at GoDaddy, and a top Senior Account Executive at MicroAge. Scott earned his Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems, at the University of Arizona.



Eric Moon
Erik Moon

Vice President of Technology

Erik started out as a computer geek fixing friends and families computers at a very early age. By high school, he was employed by Walgreen’s working on AS/400s, which are the servers that each store ran it’s business on throughout the country. The passion for technology never left him and over the years Erik found his true calling, which is helping businesses understand and utilize new technology to their advantage. Along the way, Erik has designed multi-million dollar networks, data centers, and anything else you can think of in the IT world.

At Avisolve, Erik has helped create an incredible business model that benefits both employees and customers. He strives to enhance the customer experience with Avisolve to even greater levels via the engineering team. Erik has built Avisolve’s engineering team into an agile team of technical gurus who can speak not only to the science of the technology but also articulate how new technologies can enhance business for every customer.



Graham Greytak
Graham Greytak

Vice President of Business Development

Born and raised in Fairfield, Connecticut, Graham attended Fairfield College Preparatory being taught discipline and perseverance. Graham received his Bachelor’s in Science from University of Virginia as a Scholarship Swimmer. He swam on a National Level, even competed against Michael Phelps on several occasions. Shortly after graduating from UVA, Graham completed his Master’s Degree down in Miami, Florida.

Graham began his career with a minor league sports franchise before moving to Phoenix in 2011. He spent four years with the Phoenix Suns in Premium Seating and Sponsorships. Graham dove into a career in the technology field with CyrusOne Data Centers covering the Western U.S. Fortune 1000 companies. Graham abides by the mantra that relationships are everything. He is focused on developing and growing new business, strategic partnerships, recruitment, and overall business direction as part of Avisolve’s Leadership Team.