RTO, RPO & Colocation

Are you prepared for disaster?

All hardware eventually fails. Do you have a system in place to get back to 100%?

  • Does your office have redundant power or ISP connections?
  • If your business is down for any amount of time, how much money will you lose?
  • How much will be spent on idle workers?

We can help you calculate your desired RTO (recovery time objective) and RPO (recovery point objective) and effectively bring your business back online.

Data Center / Colocation to the rescue

Data Centers are strategically built with exponential fail-safes and backup systems. Your companies valuable assets do not belong in a closet with coats & umbrellas.

  • Redundant and reliable power
  • Redundant and reliable ISP connectivity
  • High Security (controlled physical access)
  • Low Latency
  • Surprisingly low cost

We are happy to organize a tour of a facility in your area. Consult with your account manager for more information.

Co-location Highlights

  • Most COLO services include an hour of the MSP’s assistance by default
  • Think of the equipment you won’t need: no UPS units, etc.
  • ISP services are already established. This means that rates will be typically lower and more reliable
  • Cost is surprisingly low.
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